…optimizing environmental impact of buildings

About The Habitat Emprise

Buildings have an important role in mitigation, adaptation and developing resilience towards climate change.

The science of resource efficiency in the built environment exists and is proven. The policies and institutional mechanisms to facilitate green building implementation and net zero emissions are also in place. Prominent sustainability assessment mechanisms in India facilitate market transformation, including strengthening supply of green building materials and providing technological tools to monitor impact, while reducing emissions from buildings. Strategies towards decarbonization facilitate reduction of emissions from existing facilities towards net zero buildings.While green buildings help reduce the detrimental impact of construction on the environment, the market, and industry stakeholders, they are also effective in terms of monetary returns of investment into resource efficiency.

We are a team of professionals that work on sustainability in buildings. We work with project architects, operation teams, and sustainability teams to help improve the bottom line of the design by conducting review, analysis of design as per green building rating system framework.

We do not directly contribute to design, construction, or the operation process. However, we provide recommendations to facilitate decision making by teams for internal approvals and integration towards achieving highest possible rating for the project.